Village Veterinary Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital with well-trained staff members to provide the best care for your pets. Our team includes an experienced front desk staff, well trained veterinary assistants and four licensed veterinary technicians. Doctors Carrie Trimble, Cindy Lucas and Rachel Bangert have over 57 years of combined experience enabling them to provide excellent medical care for your pet.

Examinations and Preventative Care

Complete physical examinations
Customized vaccination schedules vaccine reaction notice
Puppy and kitten wellness packages
Geriatric recommendations
Behavior and training recommendations
Parasite prevention and product explanation

Forms to review and fill out before your first visit:

New client registration form
New avian client questionnaire
Vacation Consent Form

Surgical Procedures:

Routine spays and neuters (gas anesthesia for both cats and dogs)
Small and large mass removals
Lacerations and soft tissue injuries
Abscess and hematoma repair
Biopsies for histopathology
Abdominal exploratory surgery
Orthopedic surgery (internal and external fixation)
Cruciate ligament repair
Pre Surgical Instructions
Pain Management

Surgical and monitoring equipment:

Radiosurgical equipment
Portable and efficient gas anesthetic machines - (oxygen supplies piped in to key locations)
Blood pressure monitor
PulseOx monitors

Dental Procedures:

February & September is National Pet Dental Health Month!!

Hand and ultrasonic scaling
Polishing and fluoride treatment

Laboratory procedures:

In house:

Blood chemistry evaluation
Parasite screening (including Giardia testing)
Limited viral testing
Pre-Anesthesia Screens

Phoenix Central Laboratory:

Exclusively veterinary laboratory
Veterinary owned and operated
Quick, thorough results in all areas of veterinary laboratory medicine


On-site x-ray equipment and processing capabilities
Wide range of x-ray procedures on small animals (avian, small mammals included)
Radiograph review by a board certified veterinary radiologist

Grooming and parasite control:

*We do not employ a professional pet groomer *

Medicated bathing for specific skin and coat problems
"Lion-clips" for severely matted pets (commonly long-haired cats)
Ear cleaning and deep ear flushes
Nail trims or filing
Anal gland expression
Wide range of products to protect your pet from internal and external parasites
Dietary supplements for improving skin and coat conditions

Client education:


Nutritional information (veterinary diets available)
Dental care instruction (Dental products available)
Pre and Post surgical instructions
Parasite control
Basic husbandry information

Although we are unable to board pets here for any length of time due to the zoning of our location, we will care for our patients who need specialized care or medication for the short term. For the critical care patients we prefer to send them to the Animal Emergency Care facility located on Meridian Street for constant, overnight monitoring and care. This facility was created and is supported by Whatcom county veterinarians.



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