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Cater to Your Pet’s Five Senses This Holiday Season

The holidays are about spending time celebrating with loved ones, and for many pet owners, that includes their four-legged family members. This holiday season, take time to show your pet how much you care with gifts that engage their five senses. Our team at Village Animal Hospital shares five ways to celebrate the holidays with your pet. 

#1: Sight—take in the holiday lights with your pet

There is nothing quite like driving around and seeing the holiday lights, and your pet will want to hop in the car with you for the festive adventure. So, pack some blankets, turn on your favorite holiday tunes, and hit the road. Whether you drive through your neighborhood or to a park, taking in the holiday lights with your pet can be a memorable experience. If you decide to take in the lights by foot instead of driving, keep your pet secure on a leash, and head inside if the temperature gets too cold.  

#2: Sound—teach your pet a new trick

Mental stimulation is an important part of your pet’s overall health and wellbeing, and teaching your pet a new verbal command or trick gets them thinking and learning. Your pet will love practicing something new, having a job to do, and—of course— spending time with their favorite human. The time you spend together will strengthen your bond, and enhance your pet’s mental health. If you need ideas, look at these trick tutorials on YouTube and teach your pet a cute or silly new behavior, such as spin, sit pretty, or bow.  

#3: Smell—give your pet a spa day

Give your pup some extra TLC with an at-home spa day. Your pet will look—and smell—their best after a day of pampering. Of course, you can always hire a professional grooming service, but remember to make an early reservation, because appointments for these services fill up quickly at this time of year. While doing it yourself may seem daunting, following these tips will help you create the ultimate pet spa experience:

  • Brush their coat — Regular brushing keeps your pet’s coat shiny, cuts down on shedding, removes mats, and distributes the natural skin oils that keep your pet healthy. Use a brush according to your pet’s coat type, and carefully trim long hairs around their face and eyes with scissors and a comb, if necessary.
  • Bathe your pet — While not all pets will love this gift, they will feel—and smell—much better afterward. You can plop a small pet in the sink, and bathe larger pets in the bathtub or a shower with a detachable nozzle. A pet shampoo with natural ingredients will make your pet’s coat shine. Rinse well, and continue the pampering as you towel them dry. 
  • Brush your pet’s teethMany pets have tartar and plaque buildup, which can cause a variety of health issues. Use a pet-friendly toothpaste and brush and dental treats to freshen their breath, and keep their teeth and gums healthy.

#4: Taste—delight your pet’s taste buds

Bake your pet a healthy, tasty snack to show them how much you care. Many recipes are available online, but do some research to ensure a recipe’s ingredients are pet-safe, and consult your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns. Remember, your pet’s treat calorie count should not exceed 10% of your pet’s daily caloric intake.

#5: Touch—give your pet a relaxing massage

You don’t need to be a professional masseuse to make your pet feel great. Find a quiet place in your home, turn on some relaxing music, and have your pet lie down in a comfortable position. Rub their body in gentle, slow, circular motions. Your pet will enjoy the physical relaxation and, again, you will strengthen your bond. 

The best gift for your pet any holiday season is the gift of wellness screenings and preventive care. Your veterinarian will check for subtle illness signs that may not be obvious, and detect and treat problems early, which can prolong your pet’s life. Contact our Village Veterinary Hospital team to schedule your pet’s next wellness exam, and start your pet’s new year off right with the gift of good health.

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